Researchers' Night 2022 at CEITEC MU

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Come and enjoy the night of science at CEITEC Masaryk University! This year with the subtitle "By All Senses".

The entire program will take place in pavilion E35. All activities are English friendly!

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Science has never been closer!
We are looking forward to you.


Nanoworld by All Senses What does the 3D nanostructure reconstruction technique look like? Here you can get to know it with all your senses.
How to pick up a legacy queen? Human DNA materialized into a Tetris-like puzzle that you can try and win the grand prize.
Make Your Own Chromosome What is DNA, a chromosome and what does it all look like? And most importantly – can it be tasted?
Green Alien Among Us We owe plants the terrestrial life expansion and the creation of the environment we all know. Plants allow us to breathe, feed us, clothe us, heal us, provide us with shelter, clothing, warmth and light. Yet we know so little about them.
Senses in the Mind Demonstration of a real laboratory and techniques used for brain research.
Touch as an imaging method, or what I don't touch, I don't believe it. Touch is a basic human sense. When this kind of sense is presented as an observation of forces, it can be used for imaging or mapping mechanical properties in atomic force microscopy (AFM).
Drosophilas - Cinderellas of Genetics Come and see the recognition skills of the Drosophila "beards" in our fruit fly zoo.
How to Restore Memory to Cells Do cells have memory? Yes, they have, and proteins are to blame. You will see, hear and explore a lot of new things and get a glimpse into the secrets of cellular memory.
Creatively with CEITEC Activities that expand knowledge in a playful way and entertain both young and adult.
3D Tour of the Laboratories Are your feet already hurting, but want to walk through the labs that you normally can't get to? We know how!
Viruses in Cryo-world Imploding marshmallows, ice cream from liquid nitrogen, flying foam viruses.



30. 9. 2022, 18:00 - 23:59
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Šárka Fajtlová, Event Manager


CEITEC MU, University Campus, Brno Bohunice, Building E35