27. Sept. 2023

Would you like to find out how science is amazing in Brno? Then during a wander through the Researchers' Night this October , you definitely shouldn't miss CEITEC Masaryk University in the Bohunice campus and CEITEC Brno University of Technology in the Technological Park. At both locations, researchers have prepared demonstrations of their research, guided tours, and experiments, all linked to this year's nationwide theme, which is "Secrets."


CEITEC Masaryk University

University Campus Bohunice, Kamenice 5, Building E35

At CEITEC Masaryk University, scientists focus on live sciences, studying how living creatures function, what influences them, and how they interact with their environment.

Can they, for example, read your mind? We might have to wait a while for that, but you can learn about the methods neuroscientists use to better understand the workings of the brain and perhaps even uncover the long-standing mystery of Alzheimer's disease, which has piqued their curiosity for 100 years. Come and explore the places where the search for the causes of neurodegenerative diseases is underway.

Scientists who research plants will also present their research because they hold secrets without which life on Earth would not be possible. By the way, did you know that we share a significant portion of our DNA not only with animals but also with plants? And scientists at CEITEC Masaryk University can delve deep into the heart of plants and ask questions like, "What if a seed gets too hot?"

You can literally take away a "huge" experience by peeking into a world that reveals itself only when magnified 100,000 times. Thanks to the electron microscope, you can explore the world of viruses and nanoworld that influence your life every day. Come and see what the naked eye can't!


Event Organizer for the Researcher's Night at CEITEC MUNI

Barbora Truksová
Barbora Truksová Event Manager
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CEITEC Brno University of Technology

Technology Park, Purkyňova 123

A very diverse program awaits you in all five buildings of CEITEC Brno University of Technology in the Technological Park. And a part of it even takes place in an industrial hall, where the "factory of the future" is hidden. The so-called testbed was opened at the end of last year and focuses on research in the field of Industry 4.0. Whether you know or don't know what to imagine by this term, don't hesitate to register for a tour, and perhaps the local robots will even show you their legendary dance! But you will also be able to see laboratory spaces that are cleaner than an operating room. And why? You will learn all of this from our researchers. You may even get to try on their laboratory suits. Maybe you'll set a time record!

Did you know that our scientists can look inside objects? Or determine their chemical composition using lasers? We'll show you how it's done in practice. Bring your own object, and we'll reveal its secrets to you.

What is ferrofluid? Would you like to see how it behaves strangely in a magnetic field? Can a magnet stop being a magnet? What is a magnetic brake? And what are these advanced biomaterials, anyway? Where can innovative ceramics be used?

Wouldn't it be worth knowing the answers to these questions? We look forward to October 6,  when you, along with our scientists, will uncover these secrets and even get to touch many new things, make some of them, and maybe even taste others.


Event Organizer for the Researcher's Night at CEITEC BUT

Marcela Frýbortová
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Halina Jílková & Kateřina Soukupová (edited by Craig Binding)

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