Resist stripper Diener electronic NANO Plasma cleaner

Resist stripper Diener electronic NANO Plasma cleaner

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Etching & Deposition


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Diener NANO Plasma Cleaner with microwave generator can be used for stripping of the resist. Microwave plasma is ideal for most resist removal in modern device fabrication because it produces a very high concentration of chemically active species along with low energy ion bombardment. Therefore, it guarantees fast ash rate and a damage-free plasma cleaning. Microwave plasma systems are suitable for various substrate technologies like Si, III/V-compounds, quartz, ceramic, lithium niobate, copper interconnect devices etc. Oxygen plasma generates oxygen radicals and O2 ions. It is well suited for the removing of photoresist because oxygen radicals fast etch polymers and organics under formation of CO2 and water (ashing). The samples (max. size 8‘‘) can be heated (up to 100 C) by the chuck in order to ease the stripping of the photoresist.
In biomedical applications, plasma cleaning is useful for achieving compatibility between synthetic biomaterials and natural tissues. Surface modification minimizes adverse reactions such as inflammation, infection, and thrombosis formation.