RGL retreat 2019 - photogallery

8. Mar. 2019

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Participants can download presentations and materials from the workshop here.

Like every year, the Research Group Leader (RGL) Retreat has again come to pass, where the CEITEC Research Group Leaders and Core Facility Heads got together off-site, to share their achievements and discuss further possible collaborations. This year, 60 attendees have congregated, in Znojmo on 26-27 February.

Customarily, Group Leaders and Core Facility Heads had the opportunity to present us new achievements and the future paths of their research groups and facilities. Furthermore, Jaroslav Koča, the Scientific Director, talked about new ways to measure the impact of science in the context of the growing influence of social media. He also conducted a panel-discussion, engaging, Tomáš Košňar from CESNET, Vít Vondrák from IT4Innovations, Michal Urbánek and Jiří Nováček – the heads of CEITEC core facilities. The discussion revolved around the topics, e.g. provisions to process, transfer and store big data; the avenues to bridge between discovery and utilization of science; and finally, building and nurturing cooperations with industrial partners.

Trainers from Israel, United Kingdom, and Germany from a renowned firm (HFP Consulting), came to Znojmo to conduct a workshop on Creativity in scientific process and collaboration, engrossing the Research Group Leaders and Core Facility Heads.

Here are a few glimpses from the RGL retreat: