Science Communication Course: Present Your Research Results with Confidence

7. 3. 2019, 09:00 - 13:00
CEITEC Building A35, Room 145

Giving scientific presentations is an important part of sharing researchers work and achieving recognition in the larger scientific communities. The ability to do so effectively can greatly contribute to career success, regardless if PhD students choose to pursue academic career, join the industry or found their own company. However, instead of engaging audiences and conveying enthusiasm, many presentations include pitfalls such as overly complicated content, monotone delivery and focusing on what speaker want to say rather than what the audience is interested in hearing. The goal of this course is to teach students how to prepare effective presentations that would appeal to a wide range of audiences — scientific audiences from the same area of interest or in related fields, as well as potential funders, the media and general public. The quality of each presentation depends on two major facets: the content and how it is presented. No matter how great the content, no one will get it if they stop paying attention.

The first part of a three blocks course for PhD students and postdocs. The first part is delivered by external communication expert and PhD students and postdocs can learn the essentials of effective scientific presentation.

The second part is all about practical application of the newly obtained presentation skills in a safe environment. PhD students will deliver scientific presentations in the university cinema Scala and receive constructive feedback from a jury consisting of postdocs and from research group leader specialized in science communication. The students will have a unique chance to try out presenting their research in a venue for more than 300 people without facing the actual fear of large audience. Constructive feedback from their peers will help them to further improve their presentation skills.

The final part of this course will be scientific presentation in front of actual audience. Students can choose whether they wish to present at the PhD Retreat, Science Mixer or other suitable CEITEC event.

PhD students can also enrol this course as a subject S4010 Science Communication Course: Present Your Research Results with Confidence in IS and receive credits if they complete all three parts of the course.

Second part of the course will take place on 25. 4. 2019, from 9.00 till 13.00 in Scala Cinema.

Students who wish to present at the PhD Retreat need to register and submit abstract directly at the CEITEC PhD Retreat Website. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your abstract will be selected for presentation at the PhD retreat.


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