Scientific Evaluation

An independent evaluation by external assessors is part of the long-term strategy of the centre’s management as well as being beneficial to the centre’s international standing. During the preparation of the whole evaluation process CEITEC found inspiration abroad, mainly at the Belgian VIB institute. Individual evaluation committees for each Research Programme are chaired directly by members of the International Scientific Advisory Board of CEITEC or by other experts from prestigious institutions.

More than twenty top experts from leading scientific institutions from around the world evaluate the work of CEITEC scientists. CEITEC organizes evaluations of scientists solely by foreign experts, which guarantees truly independent and transparent evaluations. The aim is to gain an unbiased picture of the current state of affairs and to receive recommendations from those eminent in the field that could be implemented in individual Research Groups. Simultaneously, the progress of the institute as a whole since the last evaluation is assessed.

The first independent evaluation of CEITEC took place in July 2012, the second one in September 2014. Now the four-year periodicity is set.

The chairs of the evaluation boards are:

  • Prof. Gustaaf Borghs,Senior fellow at IMEC, Full professor at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium - RP 1 Advanced Nanotechnologies and Microtechnologies
  • Prof. Robert Liska, Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, TU Wien, Austria - RP 2 Advanced Materials
  • Prof. Michael Sattler, Chair Biomolecular NMR-Spectroscopy, Department Chemie, Technische Universität München, Germany - RP 3 Structural Biology
  • Prof. Dirk Inzé, Scientific Director and Department Director, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, Department of Plant Systems Biology, Gent, Belgium - RP 4 Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems
  • Prof. Witold Filipowicz, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland - RP 5 Molecular Medicine
  • Prof. Christoph M. Michel, Director, Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory, Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, University Medical School, Geneva, Switzerland - RP 6 Brain and Mind Research
  • Prof. Heiner Niemann, Head of Institute, Head of Department Biotechnology, Fridrich-Loeffler Institute, Germany - RP 7 Molecular Veterinary Medicine