26. Apr. 2017

With their expertise in X-ray computerized tomography, scientists from CEITEC BUT participated in a common research with the Swedish Karolinska Institutet, which is involved in the development and formation of the face in vertebrates. The results of this long-term collaboration are now published in the prestigious eLife magazine.

Scientists from the Tomography Laboratory have been working on their research for the fourth year, and after publishing part of the results in the past year in Science Advances, they have been able to publish another part of their work.

Formation of the face shape occurs in vertebrates already in embryonic development. Any abnormality at this stage results in a significant influence on the quality of life of the individual. Explaining the formation of cartilage at this stage helps to prevent pathological conditions. Using the imaging method of X-ray computed tomography, Brno scientists have been able to create 3D models of cartilage and high-resolution mesenchymal condensation. These models were further mathematically processed to find the finest changes in their shape, the thickness of the skull wall or the growth and ossification zones (for example).

Researchers continue to pursue further biological projects linking basic and applied research in this intensive collaboration.

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