23. May 2017

The team of TU Brno Racing students at the Brno University of Technology presented a new student formulas. They are planning to attend international competitions during the Formula Student competition in Hungary, Germany and the Czech Republic during the summer.

This year, the team decided to hit the carcass significantly when the carbon steel monocoque was replaced by the tube steel frame. This self-supporting system, standardly used in Formula 1 cars, gives the vehicle a higher torsional stiffness that affects the stability of the entire car. The car is also completely resolved to complete wheel suspension using carbon fiber tubes. This type of suspension gives you mass saving and also greater wheel suspension accuracy.

Researchers from CT Laboratory at CEITEC BUT cooperate on the development of these composite parts in the form of non-destructive analysis of bonded joints between the composite material and the aluminum end cap. These analyses are applied to the individual parts before and after the dynamic tests in order to evaluate the state of the internal structure of the joints after loading. In this way, both the technological process of pipe production and the defective parts are eliminated. These tests increase the reliability and safety of the entire car.