Scientists From the CT Laboratory Helped Create a Holographic Model of the Meteorite

In 2016, an unusually large piece of meteorite was found near the German village of Stubenberg in Lower Bavaria. In connection with the creation of his virtual 3D model for the Ries-kratermuseum in Nördlingen, scientists from the CT laboratory at CEITEC BUT determined what a meteorite surface is made of and segmented the particles of the metals and sulfides from which it is composed. Using this data, they created a holographic model of both the meteorite and its internal structures. Visitors of the museum can switch between displaying individual structures and perceive the complex composition of the meteorite.

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12. June 2018

Scientists from CEITEC BUT also use the microCT to investigate skull injuries

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Morphology and Forensic Anthropology (LaMorFA) of Masaryk University, scientists from the Materials…