SIY Leadership Training

17. 10. - 18. 10. 2019, 09:00 - 17:00
CEITEC, Building A35, Room 211
Alexie Johannes Dossa and Eva Bata

Research Group Leaders, Core Facility Heads, Principle Investigators and Science Managers are invited to experience the SIY Leadership Program based on neuroscience and facilitated by Alexie Dossa and Eva Bata (teacher-in-training) from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). The goal of this unique workshop developed by Google is to help science and technology leaders to thrive, enjoy greater productivity, effectiveness, and happiness in all aspects of their work and beyond. 


Born at Google and based on neuroscience, the SIY program teaches emotional intelligence skills that lead to sustained peak performance, strong collaboration and effective leadership. SIY increases self-awareness, empathy, communication and resilience. All of these help create positive emotional and mental states for a strong and inspiring leadership presence.

The program includes sessions on mindfulness (the science of being present), self-awareness (understanding your thoughts, emotions and habits), self-management (skillfully managing your impulses and reactions), motivation (aligning your values and work), empathy (understanding others’ feelings and experiences) and leadership (influencing with compassion).

The mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills you'll learn will help you:

  • Experience greater well-being, resilience and stress management.
  • Improve performance, collaboration and empathy.
  • Increase effectiveness and decision-making capacity.
  • Cultivate innovative, creative thinking.


The course participants will receive following support:

  • Pre/Post participant survey
  • 28-day challenge after the training on the MySIYLI platform
  • Program survey
  • Link to resources after the course


For more details about the SIY program, click here. For more information about SIYLI the organization, click here

Alexie Johannes Dossa

Alexie Johannes Dossa is a dynamic business executive with experience that brings 20 years of experience working with senior executives from large global corporations and startups to accelerate the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. He now focuses on their core strategic needs to enable employee engagement and a culture of innovation. Alexie has led, developed and re-engineered high performance teams throughout much of his career in Seattle, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, in a global business environment. He is currently working at Planview, the global leader in global enterprise innovation, strategic planning, product and portfolio management. In addition to 15 years of embodied experience and expertise with mindfulness in the business environment, he is completing the prestigious Search Inside Yourself™ Teacher Training certification, a course developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology. 

Eva Baťa

Eva Bata is a Learning & Development and HR professional experienced in several industries (financial technology, investment banking, off-shored shared services, and chemical). In her roles, she built from scratch and managed international teams, wrote and managed grant projects from European Social Funds, designed and facilitated leadership training programs and coached the participants based on MBTI, 360° Feedback, and other psychometric instruments. Eva earned masters degrees in Communications and Business and is a certified MBTI Practicioner and Yoga Teacher. Her coaching and training experience ranges from leadership trainer to snowboard coach. As a founder of Live Your Life Project Eva facilitates personal and leadership growth through mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices. She is currently working as a Head of HR in a fin-tech company and completing a prestigious Google born Search Inside Yourself™ Teacher Training in California.

Alexie and Eva completed the year-long SIYLI Teacher Training program. As part of the certification process they will offer this program at no charge, in exchange for the opportunity to practice teaching the program and receiving your candid and supportive feedback. Your feedback is an essential part of Alexie’s and Eva’s certification process. There will be an online survey that takes 5-10 minutes to complete at the end of the program.  

This workshop has a limited capacity of maximum 30 participants. Research group leaders from CEITEC MU will be given a priority. All interested participants should commit to attend both full days of this workshop. Participants will receive a confirmation email during the first week of October.