• To attract and support the best scientists

CEITEC aims to become a centre of scientific excellence in terms of the results of studies, which will have an impact not only on European science. The quality of science is fundamentally dependent on the professional qualities of the participating scientists. To enable CEITEC to achieve unique results, we must be able to offer attractive conditions for the best scientists in their fields.

  • The best infrastructure

One indicator of a quality level of work environment is top-quality equipment. CEITEC is associated with the best laboratory equipment, which provide optimum conditions for the emergence of new discoveries. An indisputable advantage of concentrating cutting-edge equipment in one place, i.e. key devices into logical, thematically defined units accessible to all researchers centers – "core facilities". High-tech infrastructure serves as a motivator to attract and support top experts from around the world.

  • Focus on scientific excellence

CEITEC must maintain scientific excellence throughout its operation, to be constantly able to produce excellent results. The foundation of this is regular evaluation of the quality of scientific performance conducted by an independent team of top international experts on the relevant subjects.

  • Transparent and effective rules for cooperation with real world applications.

The vision of the project is to lead a path to global scientific recognition through science based on synergy and collaboration, which can be achieved only by active cooperation with other bodies. Given that the research teams in CEITEC will be motivated to cooperate with real world applications, it’s necessary to set rules on how cooperation can be run, to make contact with the commercial sector simpler, more accessible and transparent. To this end CEITEC intends to make use of all approved forums, including, for example, custom and contract research.