Structural Biology – Next Generation: From Isolated Molecules to Cells, From Cells to Tissues

  • Project type: GACR EXPRO
  • Project coordinator: CEITEC MU
  • Grant provider/investor: Czech Science Foundation
  • Project code: 19-26041X
  • Implementation period: 01. 01. 2019 – 31. 12. 2023
  • Budget: 1 420 794 EUR

Project description:

Our comprehension of biological mechanisms as well as our capacity to exploit this knowledge for devising of novel bio-materials, molecular devices and/or effective therapeutics, critically depends on a detail knowledge of fundamental principles that governs structure, stability and interactions of biomolecules in living cells. Historically, for methodological reasons, biological processes are either investigated at low resolution in biologically relevant systems (organisms, tissues) or at high-resolution on biomolecules isolated from their native cellular environment. Although recent methodological developments have allowed gaining high-resolution insight into structure and interactions of biomolecules in intact cells, this insight remains limited to prokaryotic organisms and mammalian cells either cryogenically frozen or living cells cultured in asynchronous populations. Influence of natively fluctuating composition of intracellular environment, as a result of propagation of the cell cycle or organization of cells into tissues, on biomolecules’ structure/function remains elusive.

Principal investigator: 

Lukáš Trantírek, Ph.D.
Lukáš Trantírek, Ph.D. Research Group Leader Senior
Phone: +420 54949 6476
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Interview with Lukáš Trantírek

2. 7. 2014