29. Oct. 2020

CEITEC MU will have a new member on its management team. Structural Virologist Pavel Plevka will enter his new role as the Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure on 1 November, 2020. Plevka was appointed by Jiri Nantl, Director of the institute. The new role of Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure was created to strengthen the management’s capacity and to systematically address the specific challenges of the Core Facilities at the institute. The new Deputy Director will thus complement the other members of the management. CEITEC MU is led by Director, Jiri Nantl, Deputy Director for Science, Karel Riha, who is a Plant Biologist and former Deputy Director of the Gregor Mendel Institute in Vienna, and by Deputy Director for Administration, Martina Pokorna.

"I believe that Pavel Plevka will strengthen our representation in negotiations within the university and externally, and the management of the institute will be enriched with a new perspective," commented Jiri Nantl.

The new Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure will be responsible for the development of the concept of research infrastructures, as well as for the coordination of Core Facility activities. His task will be to prepare the overall concept of fulfilling the strategic goals of the institute. He will closely collaborate with the Deputy Director for Science, Karel Riha. Plevka will furthermore coordinate the preparation of all projects that involve finance and investment into the research infrastructure to fulfil its operational needs, and will monitor their successful implementation. He will design a concept that aims at Core Facility quality and performance, and will supervise the evaluation and implementation of follow-up measures to increase scientific excellence. Furthermore, he will be tasked with getting approval of the concept and activities of newly established shared laboratories.

"My goal is that the Core Facilities will enable scientists from CEITEC and other institutes to conduct excellent research. Another important role of the Core Facilities is the education and training that young scientists will learn from working with unique scientific equipment. I will evaluate the need for the establishment of an Information Technology Core Facility, which would support research groups and other Core Facilities by managing the data storage, purchases, and maintenance of super-computer equipment," added Pavel Plevka.

Pavel Plevka

Pavel Plevka studied Molecular Biology and Virology at the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague and graduated in 2002, then went on to complete his doctoral studies in Structural Biology in 2009 at Uppsala University in Sweden. For the next four years, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Michael Rossmann’s Group at Purdue University in the United States. Since July 2013, he has been leading his own research group that is focused on Structural Virology at CEITEC Masaryk University in Brno. He was awarded both the ERC and EMBO grants. He is a laureate of the Neuron Prize for Young Scientists and the Werner von Siemens Prize for the most important discovery in basic research. From 1 November 2020, he will be the Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure at CEITEC Masaryk University.

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