System for personalised cancer treatment "DANTE" (Dynamic Analysis for Neoplasia Treatment with Explants) using quantitative phase imaging

19. 6. 2018, 15:00
CEITEC BUT, Large Meeting Room
Ing. Daniel Zicha, CSc.

System for personalised cancer treatment "DANTE" (Dynamic Analysis for Neoplasia Treatment with Explants) using quantitative phase imaging

Cancer treatment can be improved by personalised pre-testing of drugs aimed not only at growth inhibition but also abrogation of cell motility. Such pre-testing can be efficiently achieved by quantitative phase imaging of individual tissue culture cells or cell clusters freshly derived from patient biopsy. Quantitative phase imaging, such as coherence controlled holographic microscopy, is a label free light microscopy technique revealing, accurately and rapidly, growth (dry-mass increase) and motility (translocation/protrusion/retraction) of cells in vitro.