Tapestri Precision Genomics Seminar

7. 3. 2019
seminar room 211, building A35, CEITEC (Kamenice 735/5)

CF Genomics, CEITEC would like to invite you toTapestri Precision Genomics Seminar. 

Moving from Bulk NGS to Precision Sequencing with Single-Cell Genomics: Resolving Heterogeneity in Blood and Solid Tumors.

The Tapestri Precision Genomics Platform enables precision DNA sequencing with sensitive and unambiguous identification of co-occurring mutations within clones that drive disease and are not observable with bulk NGS measurements. In this presentation, learn how we are now able to routinely characterize heterogeneity in both blood and solid tumours with high-throughput single-cell mutation analysis to move precision medicine forward.

Start: Thursday 7/3/2019, 11.00 a.m. 

Poster to download here