The 1st Annual CEITEC Postdoc Retreat

16. 9. - 17. 9. 2019
Zámek Křtiny, Czech Republic

The CEITEC MU PPC will host the 1st Annual Postdoc Retreat.

The focus of the event will be developing a culture of scientific collaboration and peer support amongst researchers in Brno and the Czech Republic.

This event will be part of the International Postdoc Appreciation Week (16th-20th September 2019).
All postdoctoral researchers from the six CEITEC research institutes are invited to attend. The venue can accommodate 40 participants overnight, and host up to 90 participants in the presentation rooms of the venue. The programmed events will begin at 2pm on Monday 16th, and conclude at 6pm Tuesday 17th of September 2019. 



The proposed program includes:

  • Four invited talks: “Vision for CEITEC”; “International Career Opportunities for Researchers”; “Ethics in Research”; “Women in Science".
  • A speed networking event for postdocs and other members of the scientific community.
  • Selected talks and poster presentations by postdocs.
  • Award for the best presentation.
  • Two professional workshops on career development and open science.
  • Round table discussions.
  • Social evening and outdoor events - Pub Quiz and Hike in Moravian Karst

We will also invite senior members of the scientific community to engage with postdoctoral researchers at the Postdoc Retreat, which will offer a unique opportunity for them to experience the breadth and depth of junior research projects in Brno. We will increase public visibility of the quality of postdoctoral research in Brno through promoting both Postdoc Appreciation Week and the Postdoc Retreat on print and online platforms of CEITEC and Masaryk University