The Scientist Karla Plevová Receives the Award of the Minister of Education

20. Nov. 2014

For her excellent results during her doctoral programme in the field of oncology, Karla Plevová from CEITEC MU received the Award of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for excellent students and graduates in study programmes. The award ceremony took place on 18 November 2014 in the hall of the National Museum of Education of J. A. Komenský.

Karla Plevová works in the Medical Genomics research group of Prof. Šárka Pospíšilová. She graduated in the oncology doctoral studies programme at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University. This talented scientist has achieved extraordinary scientific results in the field of the molecular genetics of leukaemia. She focuses on clonal evolution and immunogenetic features of leukemic cells. Her work therefore brings new insights into evaluation of the prognosis for patients with specific disease subtypes.

The scientific results of Karka Plevová are extraordinary on a global scale. During her doctoral studies she was published in top scientific journals as first author or co-author, for example in Heamatologica, Nature Methods, Leukaemia, Blood, Cancer Research, Stem Cells and others. Karla is also co-author of two patents that Masaryk University has been granted. She has participated in many grant projects and received, among others, a prize from the American Society of Hematology (Abstract Achievement Award 2013) and also the Award of the Ministry of Health for Healthcare Research and Development (significant results of the IGA MZ research team).

The award for students in bachelor's, master's or doctoral programmes is awarded by the minister for extraordinary results in studies and scientific, research, developmental, artistic or other creative activities. The history of the award dates back to 1999. The proposals for the awards are submitted to the minister by rectors of universities. Apart from a certificate, they also receive a financial reward.