10. Oct. 2022

For two years, it was not possible to organize a face-to-face event due to the pandemic. This year, however, our PhD community was able to continue the traditional organization of the CEITEC PhD Retreat and meet on the premises of the Telč University Center. The event connected doctoral students of the Life Sciences and Advanced Materials and Nanosciences programs. The two-day program was full of inspiration, innovative ideas, establishing new contacts and awards for the best lectures or scientific posters. Due to the great success of the event, we are already planning another year. If you want to take part in its formation, you have the option – the criteria for admission to the CEITEC PhD Committee is to be a student of the PhD program at CEITEC and, of course, the organizational nature.

Invited experts and student contributions

A total of 38 student participants had the opportunity to absorb new knowledge from the lecturers and participate in discussions on research topics presented by a total of six invited experts. The list of speakers included ERC grant holders, heads of research groups and a graduate of the doctoral program. Researchers from CEITEC arrived in Telč to meet the students, including Eric Glowacki, an expert in bioelectronic systems, Jan Macák, who focuses on low-dimensional nanomaterials, Lenka Zajíčková, an expert in plasma technologies, Gabriel Demo, who deals with the structural biology of coupled transcription and translation, and also Andrew Miller from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at MENDELU. Jiří Sedmík, a relatively recent graduate of the Life Sciences PhD program, gave his lecture to the students.

However, the students themselves also had to be active. A total of 18 of them chose to present their scientific work in the form of a lecture, and another 20 students preferred the form of a scientific poster. And the winners were chosen! The best lectures were those given by students Kateřina Rovenská, Kamila Říhová and Michelle Sann. The winning science posters were those by Isar Mohda, Michaela Pesova and Anna Cherian.

Students to students

This year's CEITEC PhD Retreat had serial number six. The event is special mainly because it is organized by the PhD students themselves for their colleagues. "As members of the CEITEC PhD Committee, we believe that the event is an opportunity for students from all CEITEC institutes to get to know their colleagues, broaden their horizons beyond the scope of their own research area, present and discuss their work, and listen to inspiring and interesting lectures by invited guests, all in an informal setting. This year was no different. Student presentations maintained a high level, invited guests shared their interesting projects and useful advice. The day-long discussion on projects and scientific topics was replaced by entertainment in the form of an evening pub quiz followed by karaoke, which was attended by everyone, including the invited guests," explains Kateřina Linhartová, main organizer of the CEITEC PhD Retreat. 

 The CEITEC PhD Committee is always open to active students

The student committee, now officially known as the CEITEC PhD Committee, is looking for new members. Thanks to this involvement, each of the members has the opportunity not only to participate in the organization of the retreat, but also to influence the events in their home institute and participate in activities that will help to make doctoral studies at CEITEC more enjoyable and better for themselves and others. "We are primarily trying to build cohesion between students and improve the experience of doctoral students. Joining the commission is a great opportunity to develop soft skills, acquire leadership skills, meet new colleagues and, of course, have fun," adds Jorge Andres Navarro Giraldo, co-organizer of the retreat and Chairman of the CEITEC PhD Committee.

The CEITEC PhD Committee hereby thanks all invited speakers, sponsors and students for their cooperation at the CEITEC PhD Retreat 2022. Without you, it would not have been possible to organize such a remarkable event with a stimulating and relaxed atmosphere that lasted throughout the duration of the event. We would like to thank to the Twinning project INTEG-RNA supported from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme (952541).


Apply to the CEITEC PhD Committee

Do you want to know what activities are involved in the CEITEC PhD Committee? Do you have ideas for improvement? Do you want to participate in something that you will enjoy, even if it means extra work? Do you think it makes sense to join forces to create a strong student research community? Check out the website of the committee here https://studentcommittee.ceitec.cz and if these activities appeal to you, write to ceitecstudentcommittee@gmail.com or feel free to write to one of the members of the committee.


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