Transmission electron microscope Talos Arctica (Arctica)


Guarantor: Michal Babiak
Instrument status: , 5.2.2019 08:50
Research group: CF: Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Tomography Core Facility

Detailed description:

Transmission electron microscope for electron cryo-microscopy operating at 40-200kV is equipped with Schottky field emission gun (XFEG). Microscope is equipped with Autoloader enabling storage of up to 12 samples inside the microscope vacuum system. Microscope is further equipped with 16M Ceta camera and direct electron detector Falcon 3EC. Instrument will provide effective way for screening and optimization of samples for electron cryo-microscopy, data collection of diffraction tomography data, automated data collection for single particle analysis and electron cryo-tomography.