Ultra High Vacuum Preparation and Analytical System - Low Energy Electron Microscope SPECS FE-LEEM P90 (UHV-LEEM)


Guarantor: Marek Otevřel, Ph.D.
Instrument status: Some Issues Some Issues, 27.5.2019 13:31, 1) Vacuum leak at the e-Gun, 2) filament problem - unstable emission
Equipment placement: CEITEC Nano - C1.38
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano

Detailed description:

The SPECS LEEM instrument FE-LEEM P90 is a next generation Low Energy Electron Microscope with 4nm resolution for dynamic LEEM microscopy experiments. With this instrument, based on the design of Dr. Rudolf Tromp, nanometer scale processes on surfaces can be observed in real-time.
In order to achieve this incoming and outgoing electrons are separated by a 90° magnetic prism array. The magnetic prism transfers both the LEEM image and the LEED pattern astigmatically, allowing routine switching between real image and diffraction. Both image and LEED pattern are transferred without the negative effects of chromatic dispersion, offering superior image and diffraction capabilities.
An energy filter enables imaging with an energy resolution down to 250meV with a minimal impact on the high spatial resolution of the instrument.
The FE-LEEM P90 is integrated into a UHV LEEM sample analysis chamber with facilities for sample preparation and in-situ high temperature sample processing.
The instrument is a part of complex cluster of UHV analytical and preparation subsystems. All subsystems are UHV-connected via a transfer line allowing the user to move a sample from one instrument to another in the UHV environment.


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