Vacuum FTIR Vertex70v + microscope Hyperion 3000 KIT - polarizors (FTIR)

Vacuum FTIR Vertex70v + microscope Hyperion 3000 KIT - polarizors

Guarantor: Alois Nebojsa
Technology / Methodology: Optical measurements
Instrument status: Operational Operational, 13.5.2022 08:29
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano


Instrument consists of a combination of Fourier infrared spectrometer with infrared microscope. In the spectrometer, one can perform transmission and reflection experiments on samples dimension of roughly 1 mm2 and more in the full frequency range offered by the spectrometer, 30-14 000 cm-1. The microscope is used for measurements of either small or spatially inhomogeneous samples essentially down to the diffraction limit in the far field, it means roughly 3 at 3000 cm-1. The frequency range is however limited by the microscope detectors to 600-6000 cm-1. The highlight of this microscope is the focal plane array (FPA) detector that allows simultaneous recording of 128x128 matrix of spectra in the frequency range 900-5000 cm-1.


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