VISA Procedure

 VISA procedure for students from EU countries

  • Students from the EU (plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) are exempt from student visa requirements.


 VISA procedure for students from countries outside the EU

  • Once you have been accepted for studies, you will have to turn to the local Czech embassy or consulate: the Czech Republic, like most other countries, requires foreign students studying in the country to have a student visa.


The applicants have the following options:

  1. 90-day visa for the purpose of study (a long-term one)
  2. Long-term residence permit for the purpose of study
  3. Long-term visa for "other" purposes (other educational activities – only in justified cases.  

*Options listed under 1. and 2. are the most often used


NOTE: If an applicant intends to study in the Czech Republic for a period longer than three months with his or her study falling into one of the categories listed by Section 64 concerning the stays of foreign nationals (see the text below), he or she may directly apply for a long stay permit; that is, with no need to apply for a long-term visa. In this situation (study duration exceeding three months), the applicant has the option of either applying for a long-term visa (granted for a maximum of 6 months) or a long-term residence permit.

However, if the applicant's type of study does not fall into any of the categories stipulated by said Section 64, such as the study of a non-accredited university course, the applicant may only apply for a long-term visa (other purposes).


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