31. Mar. 2023

The Golden AMPER competition, traditionally held during the AMPER Fair in Brno, has its winners. From the submitted exhibits, an expert committee selects the four most beneficial projects that receive the Golden AMPER award. This year the award went to the BDSAT nanosatellite. 

The BDSAT nanosatellite was designed for experimental verification of sensor systems in our orbit. It is the first private cubesat in the country designed for the verification of both industrial pressure sensors in the space environment and at the same time a bank of supercapacitors as a modern power source for space applications, allowing the delivery of high power in a short time. In addition, the satellite also supports the global amateur radio community with several HAM services and activities.

The development of the nanosatellite involved specialists from BD SENSORS, Spacemanic and researchers from CEITEC BUT and FME BUT. The first BDSAT nanosatellite was sent into orbit around the Earth in early April 2022. However, it stopped transmitting radio signals after a few weeks. The BDSAT-2 satellite was then successfully launched into space by a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral on 3 January 2023 at 15:56. BDSAT-2 builds on the measurements of the first satellite, now very successfully. The data from these measurements are received by the Research Laboratory of Experimental Satellites of the Faculty of Science and Technology and can be viewed on the BDSAT project website. Both satellites were realized with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the TRIO programme. 

The expert committee of the Golden AMPER 2023 competition assesses the exhibits entered on site and decides on the most beneficial exhibit of this fair.

The BDSAT project won in its category and thus ranked among the 4 awarded out of a total competition of 18 exhibits. The award ceremony took place on the first day of the fair on 21 March 2023 in the foyer of the exhibition hall.

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