Zdenka Bártová

Zdenka Bártová

Welcome Office Manager

Job description

She covers the service for foreign employees and she is the contact person in these fields:

  • first contact for new foreign employee – welcoming email, sending the necessary information and documents
  • creating and keeping record of the personal data of a new employee – help with the orientation in processes related to the new employee agenda
  • relocation of the new employee – help with the travel health insurance, confirmation of having the commerce travel insurance, visa process, arrival notice, accommodation for the new employee
  • putting together all the documents for entering the employment and preparation of all necessary documents for the new employee – arrange the meeting for the medical check-up, arrange the meeting on the foreign police office
  • entering the employment – the employee goes for the medical check-up and completes all the necessary documents and together with the Welcome office manager visits the foreign police office
  • after-arrival agenda – picking up the residence card in the foreign police office
  • extending the residence permit – arrange the meeting in the foreign police office for the biometric data gathering of the employee
  • termination of the employment – inform the employee about the process of the termination. The employee needs to get all the necessary signatures and visits the foreign police office to give back the residence card before termination of the employment

The services that are provided by our Welcome office can be found here


+420 54949 3463, +420 775 473 911
+420 775 473 911
+420 775 473 911
Office E35/1S015
Kamenice 753/5, Brno, 625 00
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