15. Nov. 2019

CEITEC Masaryk University hosted approximately 90 students from the Netherlands on 12 November 2019. The visiting students are enrolled in second and third-year bachelor programmes at the Science Honours Academy at Utrecht University and came to Brno as part of an educational science-focused study trip. All students are participating in the Honours Programme of the Utrecht University, and their backgrounds span across various STEM disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, computer and information sciences, mathematics, molecular life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and physics.

CEITEC MU welcomed students with an introductory session about CEITEC and its most valuable resources: a vibrant research community and state-of-the-art core facilities. The Brno region was presented as a capital of electron microscopy and an ideal destination for students, and science and technology professionals. The students had a chance to learn about the advantages of studying at the CEITEC PhD School and Masaryk University, as well as explore the lively Campus in Bohunice. During the afternoon session, nine CEITEC researchers presented their research in the areas of structural biology, molecular medicine, and plant science:

  1. “RNA and Immunity,” presented by Jaclyn Quin from the Mary O´Connell Research Group
  2. “The Biology and Targeted Therapy of B Cell Leukaemia,” presented by Research Group Leader, Marek Mraz, from the Marek Mraz Research Group
  3. “Use of Deep Learning Neural Networks for Genomics Research,” presented by Research Group Leader, Panagiotis Alexiou, from the Panagiotis Alexiou Research Group
  4. “Towards in Memory Processing,” presented by Cina Foroutannejad from the Radek Marek Research Group
  5. “The Hormonal Cross-talk in the Life of Plants,” presented by Research Group Leader, Jan Hejatko, and Agnieszka Szmitkowska from the Jan Hejatko Research Group
  6. “Integrative Structural Biology of Pathological Tau Protein, an Appealing Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer´s Disease Modifying Drugs,” presented by Jozef Hritz from the Lukas Zidek Research Group
  7. “Graphene Quantum Dots: A Great Platform for Tunable Luminescence and Optoelectronic Applications,” presented by Rajarshi Roy from the Lenka Zajickova Research Group
  8. “Intracellular Delivery from Viruses to Peptides,” presented by Research Group Leader, Robert Vacha, from the Robert Vacha Research Group
  9. “Functional Screening of Malignant B Cells Reveals Novel Targets for Personalized Therapy,” presented by Research Group Leader, Michal Smida, from the Michal Smida Research Group

The students explored the multidisciplinary nature of research at CEITEC and met Research Group Leaders, Principal Investigators, postdocs, and PhD students during a networking event, which followed the scientific lectures. Jozef Hritz won the hearts of the audience with his orange coloured Viking hat with horns and braids, and his stories about his postdoctoral fellowship in Amsterdam and ongoing collaboration with Dutch scientists. The students, on the other hand, were dressed in Brno themed, custom-made jumpers with Petrov symbols, and were eager to learn about CEITEC´s newest scientific discoveries. CEITEC is grateful that young people are interested in science and that more and more young talents are interested in pursuing a research career at CEITEC and to join CEITEC PhD school.