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Bio-SAXS Practical Course 2023

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Two days practical course on the basics of biological Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) is organised on September 5-6th, 2023 located in Brno, CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology).

Participants will be introduced to the practical aspects of SAXS experiment setup during laboratory practical and excursion to the Core Facility Biomolecular Interaction and Crystallography. One lecture on SAXS basic principles will be open to a broader audience. The computer practicals will be focused on deriving integral parameters from SAXS data, data quality assessment, ab initio modelling and rigid body modelling. Each practical is introduced by a step-by-step tutorial. Participants are encouraged to bring their own SAXS data and didactic cases will be discussed. At the end of the practical course, students will be able to independently acquire the scattering data and understand basic principles and strategies of biological SAXS data analysis.

Registration is open till 1 September 2023. 



  • SAXS Data Acquisition
  • SAXS Table 5
  • Ab Initio Modelling
  • Evaluation of Scattering from Atomic Models
  • Rigid Body Modelling


Tuesday 5 September 12:0017:00

12:00–12:15 Registration – Building B09, Room 316
12:30–13:30 Lecture: Introduction to BioSAXS
13:30–13:50 Coffee break
13:50–15:00 Excursion and Data Acquisition – Building C12, Room 115
15:00–15:15 Coffee break
15:15–16:15 Practicals: SAXS table 5
16:15–17:00 Discussions

Wednesday 6 September 9:0016:00

9:00–10:45 Practicals: Ab Initio Modeling
10:45–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:30 Evaluation of Scattering from Atomic Models
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–15:00 Practicals: Rigid Body Modelling
15:00–16:00 Discussion

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5. - 6. 9. 2023
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CF: Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallography
CF: Biomolecular Interactions and Crystallography


CEITEC MU, University Campus, Building B09, Room 316