The handling of user-provided data by the Biological Data Management and Analysis Core Facility (CF BioData) is governed by the measure of the CEITEC MU Director No 4/2020: Research Data Policy, which specifies generally applicable regulations, and the Core Facility Data Management document (below). All users of services provided by the CF BioData (MU employees, external, commercial, and others) are obliged to follow these documents and acknowledge CF BioData in all results published based on the data handled by the CF (see Acknowledgment).

BioData Core Facility Data Management

Version: 1.1

Applicable from: 21. 4. 2023

1. Data accessibility

The BioData CF stores data on ELIXIR CZ resources, ICS/MetaCentrum resources, and CEITEC resources, depending on users' needs. The data and its metadata are accessible to users via a secured connection using standard network communication protocols.

2. Disk space quotas per user/measurement set

The quotas are tailored to the user’s requests. The standard upper limit of quota is 100 TB.

3. Data storage

The BioData CF offers several locations for data storage (as mentioned in point Data accessibility). The duration of guaranteed data storage depends on the user’s requirements. The standard offer from the CF spans from 1 month to 10 years with the possibility of extension per the user’s request.

4. Preferred way of data transfer to users

The users can access their data in the following ways:

  • Via a secured network connection using standard network communication protocols (identity policy is handled by the Perun server at MU). It is the preferred solution.
  • By copying to a physical media (e.g. a USB drive).

5. Destruction of old data

The data will be deleted after the end of the agreed-upon storage period. During this period, the user can ask for its prolongation.

6. Data security

The user can select an access mode for their data. The available access modes are:

  • User (i.e. data owner) only.
  • User and a set of people (e.g. a laboratory, a research group, a core facility, a specific list of people).
  • Anybody on the internet with or without authentication (used mainly for persistent research data hosting for fulfilling funder/journal requirements).

Identity policy is handled by the Perun server at MU.

7. Handling of sensitive data

Currently, only anonymized/pseudonymized versions of the data can be handled by the CF.

Responsible people from CF: 

Tomáš Raček (

Vladimír Horský (

Head of Core Facility

Radka Svobodová, Ph.D.
Radka Svobodová, Ph.D.
Head of Core Facility
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Tomáš Raček, Ph.D.
Tomáš Raček, Ph.D.
Junior Staff Scientist, Deputy Core Facility Leader
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