CEITEC BUT Prints Protective Shields With FabLab. Problem Is The Lack Of 3D Printers

26. Mar. 2020

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The Brno digital workshop FabLab, in cooperation with the "3D printing initiative against COVID19", has become a headquarters for the assembly of front shields approved by the Czech Ministry of Health. CEITEC BUT researchers provide complete order logistics and distribution. The demand for shields by doctors and healthcare facilities is huge. But production is hampered by the lack of 3D printers.

FabLab currently prints on 12 printers, collects printed parts from the surrounding area and ensures their packaging. Meanwhile, scientists from the neighboring CEITEC BUT have managed to set up a temporary logistics site for the entire region right in the research center. They also helped to find  several 3D printers and people able to print. 

Basically, anyone can participate in this a protective shield printing project. Whether by renting a printer or printing parts that FabLab currently has enough material to help from its partners. They are also looking for volunteers, who could help to transport shields to hospitals. "Of course, it also can help us an idea that could make production more efficient, technologically improve masks, or allow disinfection other than with an ozone", emphasized Luděk Žalud, who together with his colleague Adam Chromý from the research group Cybernetics in Materials Science called on colleagues possible exchange of know-how or other involvement. “We really need to speed up production because one mask tooks about 1, 5 hours. If we find someone who can rent a printer Trilab or Prusa, or who can print, it can help protect the health of many people, " added Chromý, who provides complete logistics for the entire South Moravian region.

“It is our help with the current crisis caused by the spread of the new coronavirus. We are currently looking for possibilities to expand the production of protective shields using injection molding technology, which would also allow easy disinfection of the complete shield, ” adds Radimír Vrba, Director of CEITEC Brno University of Technology.


Author: Kateřina Vlková

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