About us

CEITEC  Brno University of Technology is a part of CEITEC's scientific center. Since 2011 it forms a key component of cutting-edge research infrastructure with unique facilities and conditions for both basic and applied research in Advanced Nanotechnology and Microtechnology and Advanced Materials.

There are two areas of research at CEITEC BUT: Advanced Nanotechnology and Microtechnologies and Advanced Materials where a total of 16 research groups dealing with ceramic materials, cybernetics for material science, advanced polymer materials or smart nanodevices, experimental biophotonics, fabrication and characterization of nanostructures, development of methods of analysis and measurement, as well as materials characterization and advanced coatings, advanced low-dimensional nanomaterials, epitaxial materials and nanostructures, ThZ Spectroscopy, molecular nanostructures at surfaces, nanomagnetism and spinotronics or deals with future energy field.

Both research programs offer the possibility of doctoral studies.

The main priorities of CEITEC BUT include not only international research cooperation but also its interdisciplinary character. Core Facilities operating under open access provide ideal conditions for multidisciplinary issues, as external users, institutions, or industry partners can use our equipment.

In 2018, two ERC grants are launched at CEITEC BUT. One focuses on more efficient treatment of cancer, and the other deals with the development of new technologies of spectroscopy and microscopy. An important achievement is also the acquisition of H2020 FET Open projects and project RICAIP (Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production). 


Research Areas CEITEC BUT



The area focuses on nanotechnology for materials and structures generally suitable for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics. It includes both the preparation and characterization of nanostructures exhibiting unique properties that enable qualitatively new applications.




This area focuses on advanced (functional and structurally gradient, nanostructured, intelligent) ceramic materials, polymers, metals and composites.







CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) was established in 2011 on solid foundations of six major universities in Brno and research institutions with a long history.

Since its recent establishment, not only has been a major scientific centre in the region, and has now become one of the top European institutions.