7. Aug. 2018

BRIDGE FUND is a fund addressed to CEITEC PhD students, which aims to further promote interdisciplinary projects between Life Sciences and Material Science at CEITEC.The first call of the BRIDGE FUND was launched in April and seven students applied with their projects. All projects had to be focused on interdisciplinary research between two CEITEC Research Areas (one in Life Sciences and one in Materials Science).

The Committee for Interdisciplinarity, which consists of representatives for each CEITEC Research Programme and Organisation Unit, assessed fulfilling the interdisciplinarity and the scientific quality of the projects. They suggested the following three applications for support:

  • Dual-Functional of Biofilm for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration - student Rasha Abdelrahman - cooperation of Josef Jančář (Research Area 2 Advanced Materials) and Pavel Proks Research Groups (RA 7 Molecular Veterinary Medicine)
  • Electron Spin Resonance Detection of Micro RNA in Diagnostics of Renal Cell Carcinoma - student Jakub Hrubý - cooperation of Petr Neugebauer (RA1 Advanced Nano and Microtechnologies) and Ondřej Slabý Research Groups (RA5 Molecular Medicine)
  • Development of a novel CLL-derived mouse xenograft model with the use of biomaterials and supportive cells - student Eva Vojáčková - cooperation of Marek Mráz Research Group (RA 5 Molecular Medicine) and Lucy Vojtová from Josef Jančář Research Group (RA 2 Advanced Materials)

The time duration of the project is one year (September – August). During this period, the students will get stipend 10 000 CZK per month and 50 000 CZK lump sum for consumables per year.

You can find detailed information about BRIDGE FUND here.

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