15. Jan. 2019

CEITEC Masaryk University wants to be one of the best employers in scientific research. 

In the beginning of 2019, CEITEC MU was awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award, known as the HR Award, as the first research institute in the Czech Republic. This quality label is granted by the European Commission to research institutions that aim to create an international and transparent work environment consistent with international scientific trends.

"Having the HR Award is a matter of prestige. Institutions make it clear that people are very important and that without them, modern buildings and top-class devices are useless. The relationship between a scientific institution as an employer and a scientist or worker is now conceived as a partner relationship. The institution provides background, the employee brings know-how, scientific results, grants. Not to mention that today's young scientists and scientists are active and are interested not only in laboratory equipment but also in working conditions, the quality of supervisors, the possibility of reconciling work with personal life. Which brings demands on the active HR policy of the employer,” says Eliška Handlířová, coordinator of the whole process of obtaining the award.

The HR Award is a long-term commitment, and implementation of the HR Strategy is regularly monitored by the European Commission. The year 2023 will be crucial because representatives of the European Commission will visit CEITEC MU in person and decide whether the institution can continue to have the HR Award.

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HR Award Coordinator

Eliška Handlířová
Eliška Handlířová Head of Director´s Office
Phone: +420 54949 4481, +420 724 517 046
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