CEITEC Rocks (Not Only) on Bikes

28. May 2020

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Not only are our scientists important experts in their fields, they are also great sportspeople! Employees of the two biggest CEITEC consortium partners – Masaryk University and Brno Technical University – know very well how important it is to keep one´s body and mind in shape. This spring, in addition to their daily scientific work and fighting coronavirus, they were involved in the nationwide challenge, Bike to Work. Have a look at the graphs below to see how they did! In total, the researchers cycled or ran almost 16 000 kilometres. Next year, we are confident that together, we will reach 20 000 kilometres, which is the distance that corresponds to half of the globe’s circumference.

In the End, It’s the Journey That Matters

Saving the environment, contributing to cleaner air, clearing our heads after our hard work in the laboratory, and doing something for ourselves are the many good reasons why our scientists joined this nationwide sports challenge. The need for a healthy lifestyle and respectful approach towards the environment is also important to employees from the science administration, who provide researchers with valuable support and formed one of the participating teams.

One molecular biologist from the RNA2020 team said: “Obesity is one of the greatest risk factors for COVID-19 patients. So, let´s move!”

"In addition to experimenting, the work of a scientist requires a lot of thinking, reading, and discussions, which are all activities that are rather sedentary and require concentration. Nothing starts the body and mind better than physical activity on the way to work. Additionally, there isn’t a better reward after work than a walk or a bike ride home, except for a good ice cream or a cold, well-draughted beer," explained structural biologists from the LTgroup team.

"Not only a giant leap for mankind, but also every small step counts," added a member of the Multicultural Umbrella team.

We would like to thank all of the participants that were involved in the Bike to Work challenge for their enthusiasm and their great representation of CEITEC. We are looking forward to next year’s challenge!


Bike to Work from the view of a drone

Bike to Work from the view of a GoPro camera






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