Čeští vědci si připsali objev neznámé části RNA

21. May 2020

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More information is available in Czech version of this page.

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16. Apr. 2018

Interview with Mary O´Connell for The RNA Society: You will have your ups-and-downs…

Mary O'Connell, a member of The RNA Society and group leader of the research group ERA Chair - RNA and Immunity at CEITEC, provided an interview…

13. Sept. 2019

People Are the Most Valuable Resources at CEITEC. Find out More About Mary O'Connell´s and Zdenek Farka´s Research

The most valuable resources at CEITEC are scientists and experts who have the knowledge and skills to work with unique devices. Two reports …

17. Apr. 2020

Scientists From CEITEC Revealed the Role of ADAR RNA Editing in Neurogeneration and Immunity

In an international collaboration between two research teams, scientists, including Anzer Khan from CEITEC Masaryk University and Patricia Deng from…