WALTER (Web-based Analyser of the Length of Telomeres) is a web-based toolset for terminal restriction fragments (TRF) scan analysis. It is consisted of two tools: ScanToIntensity and IntensityAnalyser. ScanToIntensity tool is able to convert selected areas of TRF scan into intensity profiles while IntensityAnalyser tool analyses the resultant file from ScanToIntensity to provide a boxplot or a violin plot depiction of said profiles with a possible statistical analysis.

WALTER toolset is running on the servers of Core Facility Bioinformatics, CEITEC. Toolset development was supported by the Czech Science Foundation, project no. 18-07027S.

In case you have used our toolset, please do cite

Lyčka, M., Peska, V., Demko, M. et al. WALTER: an easy way to online evaluate telomere lengths from terminal restriction fragment analysis. BMC Bioinformatics 22, 145 (2021).

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Servers might be occasionally under maintenance which will make the toolset unavailable.  In such occasion, we do recommend users to download the portable version.

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WALTER toolset has been published in the journal BMC Bioinformatics: 

WALTER: an easy way to online evaluate telomere lengths from terminal restriction fragment analysis | BMC Bioinformatics | Full Text (


WALTER toolset v2.0 launched (ScanToIntensity output from v1.0 is not compatible with IntensityAnalyser v2.0)

Changes in the new version


WALTER toolset v1.0 launched


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