24. Sept. 2020

Congratulations to our young cytogeneticist, Terezie Mandakova, who received the GACR Chair Award! 

She received it as a result of her groundbreaking research on her analysis of the structure of flaxseed and related species’ genomes, using state-of-the-art cytogenetic methods. She managed to identify the parental genomes of the flaxseed crop, clarify its evolutionary history and the mechanisms responsible for the current structure of its genome, as well as other studied genomes in the genus, Camelina. Her knowledge of the history of the flaxseed genome provided the information necessary to explore the possibilities for future breeding of this ancient and economically important crop.

The Czech Science Foundation has been supporting basic research for 27 years, as it pushes the boundaries of human knowledge and forms the basis of future applied results.

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Terezie Mandáková from CEITEC MU awarded for outstanding scientific results

16. 5. 2018

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