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Continuous learning and development of soft skills is essential for professional growth, success and personal fulfilment at CEITEC MU. So we want you to always have the necessary tools and sufficient support at hand to discover and explore your talents. Whether you are a researcher or a member of our administrative team – choose the right path for your development.


Centre for Competence Development

Centre for Competence Development (CERPEK) will guide you through training opportunities, whether you are in a leading position or not. Choose from a comprehensive range of seminars designed for all levels of expertise.

CERPEK's "Manager – Junior or Senior" programme is tailored to junior employees who are entering managerial positions or experienced managers who want to further develop their skills. This transformative programme will give you confidence in your own management skills and embark on your journey of self-improvement.

Talent Program is the ideal choice for those who want to discover their true potential. Discuss your talents with your manager and join the programme. You will discover your strengths and gain a solid foundation for your personal and professional development. If you're looking for tools and expertise to excel as an educator, you can choose from a wide range of relevant workshops.

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Language courses

Language skills

You can participate in language courses alongside MU students, promoting cultural exchange and language skills. We also offer discounted semester courses for MU employees (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Swahili, and even Czech for foreign MU employees).

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Psychological counselling for employees

If you find yourself in a difficult or non-standard work or personal situation, you can turn to the MU Counselling Centre for advice and assistance. All MU employees with at least 0.5 workload can have up to three free consultations. More detailed information, including a link to the booking system, can be found on the Employee Portal.


Technology Transfer, Data management

If you need consultation in the field of technology transfer and research data management, please contact Daniela Tršová.


Open Science;


Services of the Grant Office

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