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Centre for Competence Development

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The mission of CERPEK is to develop professional competencies so that MU employees can fully realize their potential and contribute to the development of their workplaces. CERPEK specializes in developing competencies needed for leadership, personal growth, and pedagogical skills.

In 2024, CERPEK introduced quotas for the Manager and Talent programs, significantly limiting the number of participants for each MU workplace. If you are interested in participating in these programs, consult it with your superior first. Your superior can nominate you for participation in 2024 when there is another call. The nearest opportunity to participate in these courses is in 2025. For more information, please get in touch with the Learning and Development Coordinator, Kateřina Wolfová.

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Psychological counselling for employees

Personal Growth

If you find yourself in a difficult or non-standard work or personal situation, you can turn to the MU Counselling Centre for advice and assistance. All MU employees with at least 0.5 workload can have up to three free consultations. More detailed information, including a link to the booking system, can be found on the Employee Portal.

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Microsoft 365 Application Training

IT skills

Masaryk University offers free training focused on Microsoft applications. These courses are tailored for both beginners and advanced users. In the offering, you will find courses on Microsoft 365, MS Teams, Teamwork, Working with Documents, Linking Outlook with Microsoft 365. These training sessions are fully tailored to participants' needs and are conducted online. They are available in both Czech and English. The minimum number of participants is 10. If you are interested, please contact Kateřina Wolfová.

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Language courses

Language skills

You can participate in language courses alongside MU students, promoting cultural exchange and language skills. We also offer discounted semester courses for MU employees (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Swahili, and even Czech for foreign MU employees).

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Technology Transfer, Data management

If you need consultation in the area of technology transfer and research data management, please contact Daniela Tršová. Within MU, there is also the The Open Science Core Team, which provides comprehensive support for scientists, including legal advice on efficient data management. They organize workshops, training sessions, and events such as OA Week.

Czexpats in Science 

Career development Networking

Czexpats in Science is a platform facilitating the mutual sharing of scientific professionals who have experience in international research and have worked or are working abroad. One of its goals is to facilitate the return of scientists to the Czech Republic and/or connect them with both academic researchers and scientists in the business sector - from startups to corporates. Czexpats also aims to motivate and support junior scientists, encouraging them to gain experience abroad without fear. 

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