We provide our PhD students with opportunities for both personal and professional growth across various soft and transferable skills. Here you can find a comprehensive overview of all courses and activities categorized based on their respective focus areas.


Life after PhD

Career development Networking

You don't necessarily have to go into a research career after your PhD. You can use your knowledge and skills e.g. in business or industry. You can ask PhD graduates who have anchored themselves in non-scientific professions about their career path outside the walls of research institutions. Link to podcasts.

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Company Visits

Career development Networking

Thanks to visits to pharmaceutical, biotechnological, instrumental and other companies, you have a unique opportunity to meet industry experts in person, gain new contacts and even job offers.

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PhD Retreat

Career development Networking Communication and presentation skills

Interdisciplinary meetings are essential for science, so we regularly co-organize a two-day conference for CEITEC PhD students to meet with partner institutions to exchange experiences in life sciences, material sciences, chemistry and physics. All this in an informal and friendly environment! (link https://phdretreat.ceitec.cz/).


CEITEC PhD School Conference

Career development Networking Communication and presentation skills

In a safe environment of a student conference, third-year and above students practice their presentation and communication skills and evaluate the progress and perspectives of their studies so far with regard to their study obligations, such as completing an internship or publishing their first author‘s work. First and second-year students provide feedback to the lecturers and test their own communication skills in group discussions.

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Sip of Science (SOS)

Networking Communication and presentation skills

A series of seminars featuring concise 15-minute presentations in a TED talk-like format by doctoral and postdoctoral researchers representing research groups and core facilities within CEITEC MUNI. The aim is to introduce complex scientific ideas in a simplified manner to foster understanding and stimulate vibrant discussions. Following each presentation, there is an equally timed discussion concluded with a casual gathering, offering an opportunity for networking and discussions in an informal setting.



Science Mixers


Informal gatherings of doctoral researchers from CEITEC consortium organized by CEITEC PhD Committee twice a year: BBQ edition and Halloween edition.


Courses in IS

Communication and presentation skills IT skillsLanguage skills

We offer students courses focused on the development of soft skills, as well as professional language courses and IT courses. Choose your course here.

In the spring term 2024, we recommend: S4010 Science Communication Course: Present Your Research Results with ConfidenceJAD02 Advanced English for PhD studies (C1)C4868 Discover the science - Science and societyFR_j2024 FRESHERS: Skills for Research Careers.


MU Career Centre

Career development

The services of the MU Career Centre are intended for all Masaryk University students. In addition, international students can take advantage of: CV counsultation, career consultation, interview services, coaching, occupational psychological testing, assessment centre, job fairs and conferences (JobChallenge, JobNEST).


Psychological counselling

Personal growth

You can talk to us about your problems! All MU students can discuss with a professional psychologist or therapist in up to five free in-person or online consultations what is bothering them and negatively affecting their studies. You're not on your own, book an appointment here.


Technology Transfer, Data Management (professional courses)

Technology transfer and Research Data Management are not easy disciplines. Therefore, don't hesitate to get in touch with Daniela Tršová.
To get familiar with Open Science, Open Access, Research Data, and Science Communication and Public Engagement enrol in the e-learning Open Science course. You can start your innovative thinking and entrepreneurship in the courses offered by Masaryk University Technology Transfer Office.


External courses

Course on the basics of scientific work AV ČR (only in Czech language)

EMBL Career Webinars
The EMBL Fellows’ Career Service organize regular career webinars that cover both non-academic and academic career topics. More information here.

JIC Ph.D. Academia (only in Czech language)

National Library of Technology Webinars
These free webinars are held in English and cover a variety of topics in the area of transferable skills, such as navigating academic resources, academic integrity, writing scientific articles (beginner level), and a basic intro to research data management. Upcoming webinars are listed in the calendar.

Czech Courses for free (everyday Czech, legal Czech, business Czech, medical Czech)
Learn basics in the Czech language here.