8. Jan. 2020

Fire was not invented in a day. Smallpox was not eradicated with a mere move of a magic wand. They required a combination of critical observation, tenacity, failures, and finally, the ability to reproduce the results repeatedly – a process popularly known as Science.

From prehistoric man to modern society, science nurtured everyone! Science lit up our dark rooms at night; science ensures our children’s wellbeing in the coming flu-season; science safeguards our water to be clean! The reach of science is inestimable, and we unknowingly accept this truth many times a day. At times, we take it for granted and forget the enormous effort the scientists are devoting to make societies better.

These magnificent observers (read: Scientists) are churning their brains every day to solve issues that are affecting us. Science is a process where answering one question could lead to a series of questions – but each step reveals something new. Many times, this scientific process goes unnoticed by society.

At Ceitec We Appreciate the Power of Science

The Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) is a unique research consortium where we united the scientists of varied disciplines. The molecular biologists work towards answering questions to tackle lethal diseases like TickBorne Encephalitis, Leukaemia, many vector-borne (insect bite) infections, etc. Neurobiologists put effort into studying epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, plant-scientists focus on the developmental and stress biology of plants that could invent agricultural or biomedical applications, possibly reversing drastic vegetational changes amidst the alarming global warming. As an essential part of CEITEC, the material scientists and nanotechnologists present tangible scientific outcomes in many areas: cost-effective nanomaterials for drug-delivery; sensors to detect impurities in air and water; smart sensors for automation; innovation in energy generation and conservation. Dr. Markus Dettenhofer – the executive director of CEITEC – shares his views on the importance of science for the society and CEITEC’s efforts to achieve that: “CEITEC shares the view that our work should positively impact society and environment around us.”

Science Is for All, and We Firmly Believe It

CEITEC’s responsible contribution to many scientific areas cannot be accumulated in this small space. Do you want to learn more about our studies? Want to meet our scientists? We have many avenues of communicating our excellent science. Join us during the open days of CEITEC-Masaryk University and CEITEC-Brno Institute of Technology, be a part of the annual Science-Party, and many other events where science is showcased with a dash of fun and delight. Read about the scientific discoveries of CEITEC and know the brains behind those studies in our newly established science magazine, CEITEC Connect. Science is a rational miracle, where every miracle is backed by facts! Our responsibility is to support scientists to create more of these wonders, but be patient, as Rome was not built in a day!

Author: Somsuvro Basu