New European Project Develops Technology to Solve Two Growing Problems: Patient-centric Care and Automated Driving

5. Aug. 2020

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A new EU-wide project was launched in May to pave the way for next-generation intelligent sensing for health and automotive solutions. In health care, the EUR 30 million project, will improve early detection and prevention of health deterioration by enhanced monitoring possibilities. For the automotive industry, it will improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and provide an important step forward to realise the sensing solutions needed for automated driving. Among the reseacrhers from 43 institutions involved in the NextPerception project are scientists from CEITEC BUT.

Sensing technologies have become a part of daily living, and people increasingly trust smart complex systems to make decisions that directly affect their health and wellbeing. This is evident especially in healthcare, where systems monitor even the slightest changes in patient’s health, and in traffic, where automated driving solutions are gradually taking over the control of the car.. “As decision-making is increasingly transferred from people to machines in potentially risky circumstances like healthcare or traffic, it is crucial to ensure that the underlying sensing and reasoning technologies are safe and reliable,” comments NextPerception project manager Johan Plomp from VTT.

The task of scientists from CEITEC BUT, led by Jaromír Hubálek, will be to develop systems that can be worn on the body, so-called wearable devices. These will enable the evaluation of not only sports activities, but especially the vitality and health of the user. At the same time, technology will be able to inform him about the development of the quality of his lifestyle, for example on a mobile phone. "In addition to this goal, which is based on the development of algorithms for processing measured data for a given purpose, it will also be necessary to develop some new sensors and implement artificial intelligence. In cooperation with the European consortium, a whole system for monitoring the vitality and health of aging people who are still active and should help to maintain these living standards for as long as possible, ie until retirement age, should be established, " describes the leader of the Smart Nanodevices research group, with the fact that the system will be very well applicable to athletes and all who want to maintain good health and be warned in time if a pathological phenomenon occurs in the monitoring parameters that would indicate an incipient disease

The partners of the NextPerception project, which will last for three years, are a total of 43 institutions and companies across the Europe. Main project coordinator is the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.


Project partners

Acorde Technologies, Aitek Societa per Azio, Benete, Robert Bosch Gmbh, CEITEC BUT, Camea, Commeto, Consider IT, CSIC, eLive, Emoj, Evalan Bv, Evotel Informatica SI, Flir Systems Trading, Hi Iberia, IMA, IMEC,  IMEC(NL) (HOLST), IMEC, Univ Lleida (IRBLL), Stichting Kempenhaeghe, KU Leuven, Macq Sa, Modulight, NXP Semiconductors Germany, Nxp Semiconductos NL, Pozyx Labs, RE:Lab s.r.l., Rulex Innovation Labs, Smartmicro, Seven Solutions,  Smart Robotics, Televic, TNO, TTS, TU Dresden, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, University of Bologna, University of Bremen, Università degli Studi di Parma, Universitá degli Studio Suor Orsola Benincasa,  Università degli Studi di Torino and Universidad de Vigo

Author: Kateřina Vlková

(Based on the official press release of the NextPerception project) 



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