Phage replication in bacterial biofilm

  • Acronym: BioPhage
  • Project Type: ERC CZ
  • Project Coordinator: CEITEC MU
  • Grant Provider/Investor: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Project Code: LL1906
  • Implementation Period: 01. 01. 2020 – 31. 12. 2024
  • Budget: 2 292 702,25 EUR

Project Description: 

The ability of bacteria to form biofilms complicates their treatment. Bacteriophages can infect and kill bacteria in biofilm, but the use of phages as medicines prevents a lack of knowledge of their biology. We will determine the mechanisms underlying the phage propagation in biofilm and the assembly of phage progeny in the infected cells. We describe the course of phage infection in clinically relevant conditions and allow the development of new drugs.

Principal Investigator:

Pavel Plevka, Ph.D.
Pavel Plevka, Ph.D. Director, Research Group Leader Senior
Phone: +420 54949 7756
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