Principal Investigator Seminars

Principal Investigator seminars Autumn 2018

WHEN: Fridays, 13:00

WHERE: A11/205


Registration for Principal Investigator seminars is now open!

The best seminar of the series will get a prize 1000 EUR from BioVendor.

Members of the committee are not eligible for this prize. Thanks to BioVendor for providing a prize for the best seminar. 

Only PIs from the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and CEITEC MU can present but the series is open for all to attend. 

Those who have presented previously in this series are encouraged to register and present their latest research.


Each presentation is for 45 minutes.

The following criteria will be evaluated for the best talk by the committee:

  • Content
  • Presentation style
  • Future aspirations

It will be held every Friday from 13:00.

Members of the PI Seminars committee

Mary O´Connell, Štěpánka Vaňáčová, Dalibor Blažek, Jan Paleček, Andrea Knight, Pavel Hryzl

PI Seminars - Registration (Autumn 2018)

Registration for Spring 2019 is open here (you can register either for the Autumn or Spring semester)

The committee will try to find an equal number of speakers from all faculties and CEITEC.