Prof. Irena Rektorová, Ph.D.

Research Group Leader


Phone: +420 54949 7825, +420 543 182 639
Research group: Applied Neuroscience - Irena Rektorová

22. Aug. 2019

LABYRINTEM MOZKU: Výzkum nejkomplexnější struktury na Zemi

Cesta poznání je někdy hodně klikatá a nejinak je tomu i v případě výzkumu mozku. V jednotlivých přednáškách se mladí vědci z …

11. Feb. 2019

CEITEC Joins the #WomenInScience Campaign

Three years ago, the United Nations decided to mark 11 February as an International Day of Women and Girls in Science. CEITEC is proud to employ and…

26. June 2018

Neurologist Irena Rektorová about brain structures, pathological proteins, beneficial movement and science that is not here yet

In newspaper Lidové noviny from Saturday, June 23, 2018, you can find an interview with a neurologist from CEITEC MU - Irena Rektorová. Irena…

26. Apr. 2018

Prof. Irena Rektorová for Czech Television: A non-invasive brain stimulation can help patients with Parkinson's disease

Prof. Irena Rektorová and leader of the research group focused on applied neuroscience had for Czech TV an interview on speech…

1. Feb. 2018

Irena Rektorova nominated for the Woman of Czechia 2017 award

Irena Rektorová,  Applied Neuroscience Research Group Leader, was officially nominated for the Woman of Czechia 2017 award. Prof. Rector has…

30. Jan. 2018

An interview about Parkinson and Alzheimer disease with Irena Rektorova for the Czech Radio.

Czech Radio, 30.1.2018 Irena Rektorová. a leading Czech neuroscientist, head of the Applied Neuroscience Research Group at CEITEC is primarily…

21. June 2017

Neurologists examine some diseases and their connection with a native language

Neurologists form CEITEC Masaryk University are trying to detect earlier and more accurate neurodegenerative deiseases, such as Alzheimer's…

8. Mar. 2017

Workout of Seniors (Czech television - video)

In a healthy body, healthy brain? The scientists of Applied Neuroscience Research Group of CEITEC MU are trying to confirm or refute this sentence…











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