8. Sept. 2022

Researcher Eric D. Glowacki moved his research to CEITEC BUT in the end of 2020. He gradually managed to attract other experts to his research group Bioelectronic Materials and Systems, who work with him on the development of neurostimulators.

As part of an ERC grant, which is among the most prestigious in the world, they are specifically looking at stimulating the vagus nerve, which is used to treat chronic inflammatory conditions such as Crohn's disease.

In a report for the Arabic version of the BBC, which the reporter Ali Oudjana came to shoot at CEITEC in the spring, he explains, among other things, that currently implanted stimulators are large and invasive. Their goal is to develop such a device that would minimize the need for surgical intervention and could be implanted in the body, for example, by injection.


More in the BBC News report below

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