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We are happy to say that the feedback from participants was very positive. You can read it HERE.

Why should I care about Unconscious Bias as a Group Leader?

As a leader of research group, you are seeking for the best talents, and you believe you know how to spot the most brilliant one. However, research shows that our decisions are affected by unconscious bias that develop at an early age and have real world effects on behaviour, including recruiting, mentoring and evaluating people at workplace and may cause, that you will dismiss the hidden treasure.

Positive factor is that you can take steps to minimize the impact of unconscious bias. For this reason, please accept our invitation to “Unconscious Bias Workshop” that will take place on 17th May 2018 13:00 at CEITEC MU (A35/211).

The lecture will be delivered by Femi Otitoju from the Challenge Consultancy (UK) who is delivering this workshop tailored to the needs of life science research institutes from the EU-LIFE including CEITEC MU. The Challenge Consultancy also provides training for clients such as The Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, UCL and University of Cambridge.

“To be honest it took some convincing to get sufficient numbers of people to attend. ... But all of them (group leaders and PIs) were very positive after they had attended the workshop.” Catherine Lloyd, Ce-M-M-, Austria

“Femi Otitoju was amazing! Really enjoyed her training style and confidence. Bring her back please.” Principal Investigator, Wellcome Trust, UK

“Liked everything, the content, the way the speaker talked, amazing, informative course.” Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge, UK

In 90 minutes, you will get insight in the source and function of unconscious bias, how it impacts decision-making and relationships in organizations and you will be provided with strategies and techniques for reducing personal unconscious bias, as well as the unconscious bias that manifests in teams and across the organization.

Still not convinced? The need to address the issue of unconscious bias is stressed by many prestigious research institutions, have a look on this 3 minutes video by The Royal Society (UK) or take 10 minutes an implicit association test developed by the Harvard University that measures unconscious bias related to gender-science and/or to gender-career.

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Eliška Handlířová Head of Director´s Office
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Nikola Kostlánová, Ph.D. Scientific Secretary
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17. 5. 2018, 13:00
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Femi Otitoju


room 211, building A35