The Biophotonics Core Facility was established in 2023 and delivers state-of-the-art services offering Holographic Incoherent-light-source Quantitative Phase Imaging (hiQPI) and Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy and cell culture in the immediate vicinity of the microscopes. The focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the latest hiQPI Q-Phase from Telight and 2024 obtained user-friendly and high-performance laser scanning confocal microscope LSM 980 from Zeiss. The facility has extensive experience with supporting the techniques since the hiiQPI was designed in-house and members of staff were using the Zeiss LSM previously.

The main focus of the facility is studying and analyzing the responses of live cells in cell culture. Proficiency is demonstrated in providing hiQPI, a label-free technique, ideally suited for live tissue culture cells, with unparalleled precision of quantitation. The integration of LSM introduces distinctive capabilities for correlated imaging alongside hiQPI. As follows we offer data management encompassing long-term storage, advanced image processing, and comprehensive data analysis.

Our specialized and dedicated light microscopy service, with support for sample preparation and bespoke data processing, is constantly being enhanced to address the diverse needs of future research challenges of facility users.


Head of Core Facility

Daniel Zicha
Daniel Zicha
Biophotonics Core Facility Group Leader
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