Open access services provided with the following techniques:

Q-Phase Holographic Microscope

  • Holographic Incoherent-light-source Quantitative Phase Imaging (hiQPI)
  • live tissue culture cells
  • label-free
  • unprecedented accuracy
  • developed in-house/extensive expertise
  • produced by Telight

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

  • correlative imaging with hiQPI
  • Zeiss LSM 980

Support with tissue culture and observation chambers

Support with image processing and data analysis


How to register for our core facility, undergo training and start cell cultivation and imaging your samples?

  1. Registration to a booking system (see Booking)
  2. Choose the service - firstly training (cell cultivation/microscopy imaging)
  3. Undergo training -> receiving the certificate
  4. Reservation of the instrument in the Booking system

Service option

  1. Full service - Biophotonics laboratory staff will process the samples according to the user´s requirements. 
  2. Self-service - self-sample preparation, measurement/imaging, and data post-processing*. 

*Participation of laboratory staff is possible by agreement.


Service option for internal academic users:


 This type of service allows users open access to the Biophotonics laboratories. The users can pay for individual measuring times on selected devices and work in a tissue culture laboratory or pay for annual unlimited access (see table). However, the self-service requires users to undergo proper training for working with biological samples in the laboratory, or training with the selected microscope. With the subsequently received certificates, the users can reserve working time in the booking system and thus have unlimited access to the Biophotonics laboratories.

Access to Biophotonics Core Facility CZK (without VAT) EUR (without VAT)
The user fee for self-service 30.000/year ~1.214/year

There is also a possibility of single access and use of our microscopes.

Access to Instruments  CZK  EUR  VAT
Q-Phase 300/h 14/h 21%
LSM 980  300/h 14/h 21%


Service option for academic users:

  Full service

Access to Instruments CZK  EUR  VAT
Q-Phase 400/h 16/h 21%
LSM 980  400/h 16/h 21%


Service option for commercial users:

   Full service

Access to Instruments CZK EUR  VAT
Q-Phase 2900/h 117/h 21%
LSM 980  2900/h 117/h 21%


Head of Core Facility

Daniel Zicha
Daniel Zicha
Biophotonics Core Facility Group Leader
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