29. Nov. 2021

CEITEC MU recently approved its third gender equality plan – so called GEP III. This third plan builds upon the first two GEPs. It reacts on challenges in the area of gender equality as identified by the European Commission and most importantly on results of the gender audit of the organisation that was done in the first half of this year in a valuable dialogue with researchers and based on gender-disaggregated data analysis.

CEITEC´s gender equality plan contains set of concrete goals, specific measures and actions that are being regularly monitored and pushed towards implementation. Each goal has allocated budget (if needed) and department that is responsible for the successful and timely implementation.

In comparison to GEP I and GEP II, the third GEP broadens its focus to the so-called intersectional (also GENDER+) approach that involves also other potential grounds for discrimination such as age and ethnicity. “Our experience shows that actions supporting gender equality are complementary and relevant also to support for our international employees”, explains Eliska Handlirova, Head of Director’s Office and coordinator of the GEP preparation and implementation.

CEITEC MU is fully transparent. The GEPIII is public, offering CEITEC employees a chance to learn in detail about the situation and future plans, and to get involved if they wish. The document is accessible also to people from other organisations, who would like to get some inspiration from this successful gender equality pioneer.

Gender Equality Plan of CEITEC MU (2021-2023)

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