28. May 2021

CEITEC is celebrating 10 years this year and you can celebrate with us! Below you will find an overview of what we are preparing for you for this year. Don't forget to take pics of the activities, share the photos with #CEITEC10 and send them to us via the form below.

Become a proud ambassador of CEITEC and add a birthday frame to your profile photo on Facebook. You can also wish us a 10th birthday on our virtual board.

Run for CEITEC

Healthy body healthy mind! That is our motto. Because we know that sport is very important for maintaining a healthy mind and fitness, we decided to organize the Running Challenge #CEITEC10 in June. You can run too! Fulfill the weekly challenges related to number 10, which we will publish on the website every Monday (from 7 June to 4 July). Share your photos with the #CEITECSpirit and #CEITEC10 hashtags.

Catch an original CEITEC ball

From 15 to 24 June at 11:00 a.m., you can catch a ball to commemorate the CEITEC anniversary from the Brno Astronomical Clock. Don't forget to take pictures with her and share your photos on social networks with the hashtag # CEITEC10 or send them to us via the form below.

Play the City Game #CEITEC10

Do you like walks and don't want to be bored at home? Do you like to solve crossword puzzles? Are you interested in science in connection with culture and history? Then we have something just for you! Take a walk with family or friends in the center of Brno and try to answer our tricky questions. In addition, this game was prepared for you in cooperation with us by the grandson of a world-renowned Czech scientist. Which one? You will learn in a crossword puzzle!

In each question, you will also learn something about CEITEC. The secret of the crossword puzzle will then give you an indication of the next activity that we are planning for the anniversary. After sending it, everyone will be rewarded with an electronic CEITEC package through the game, and at the same time, 10 of them drawn can receive an original CEITEC gift every month until the end of the year. You can find the instructions here.

Visit the CEITEC animals in the Brno Zoo

We don't just want to receive birthday presents, we also want to give. That is why, together with our employees, we have selected two animals from the Zoo Brno, which we will financially support, and thus we will be among their adoptive parents. The animals of our hearts became the Arctic wolf and the Australian green tree frog. The wolf is big and strong, the tree frog is small, but each has its meaning in nature. In addition, the tree frog blends beautifully for us :-) Don't forget to visit them at the zoo at any time.

Get to know CEITEC closer

You already know Open Day. But how about Open Week? On this year's festive occasion, we decided to make the open day all week long (from 8 to 12 November). And a week full of CEITEC science! You can look forward to live streaming lectures with our scientists, virtual tours, and a range of learning activities for young and old

Relax under the CEITEC tree

In the Open Gardens of the Partnership Foundation, you will find a tree planted for our anniversary from 10 October. At CEITEC, we also deal with sustainable agriculture, so we decided to support the environment and offer a place to relax and a reference point for meetings.

Become the face of #CEITEC10 and share your pics!

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