Events and Initiatives

In this section, you find other relevant events and initiatives related to support career and professional development and support the scientific community. These are as follows:


Life After PhD

This is a top-rated event series that aims to showcase PhD holders who took various career paths. It is a great opportunity for junior researchers to meet with inspiring personalities and listen to their interesting life stories, and ask career-related questions. CEITEC MU strives to provide a balance between academic and non-academic careers and to select inspiring personalities who could motivate students and junior researchers to maintain a positive outlook on the difficult scientific career journey.
Event frequency: 4x per year

Company Visits

It is a relatively new initiative of the Research and Innovations Support Department, which allows early-stage researchers (PhD students, postdocs) to visit companies. The company representatives provide an overview of the company – research, structure, mission etc. Then it is a great opportunity to see company premises and discuss the possibility of collaboration and career options. For the early-stage researchers could be beneficial to know the industrial environment for their career paths.
Event frequency: 1-2x per year

CEITEC PhD Conference

The conference program included presentations of research results of 4th-year students and posters of 3rd-year students. This conference was a great opportunity to present the results of research (development of presentation skills) and get feedback from the scientific community.
Event frequency: 1x per year

PhD/Postdoc Retreats

The organization of the Retreat is one of many activities of the CEITEC PhD Student Committee/CEITEC Postdoc Peer Committee. The Retreat is an annual event, gathering students and young researchers from all CEITEC institutions and partners. Held in beautiful corners of Czech Republic, Retreat serves as a platform for presenting students' research, enjoying talks delivered by invited speakers from Life and Material Sciences fields, productive scientific discussions, and networking.
Event frequency: 1x per year

CEITEC PhD Student Committee/CEITEC Postdoc Peer Committee

The CEITEC group of students/postdoc joining the six research institutes established to improve interdisciplinary cooperation, advance doctoral education, scientific advancements, and nourish academic harmony.


Facebook PhD/Postdoc Group

The platforms to share interesting events, internship opportunities, award nominations, junior grant calls, and more.

Tea Times

Tea Times are informal networking meetings to support the CEITEC researcher community. Every Friday, you can share your experience and discuss with your friends and colleagues when drinking tea or coffee.

Scientific Seminars

Life Sciences Seminar Series
Molecular Medicine Seminars
Mendel Centre Seminars
Principal Investigator Seminars
Bioinformatics Seminar Series