How to create a ticket in the booking system

From 1.1.2022, all CF users must have a ticket generated within the CEITEC booking system. The ticker in the reservation system works as a unique profile, within which the user can book individual measurements on specific devices and allows him to easily check the already performed measurements and the number of measured samples. The ticket only needs to be created once per person or project (after consultation with a CF employee).

To create a ticket, you must first register to the booking system (not required if you were already registered before 2022).


Registration to booking system for unregistered users.

Booking system

Direct access for registered users to the booking system.

In the reservation system, click on ''Tickets'' in the top bar and then ''New ticket''.

Select service '' CF Nanobio - ticket''

Then fill in all the fields as shown below and save the ticket.

Once saved, you can find your ticket by clicking on ''Tickets'' and then '' Tickets List '' in the top bar.

In your ticket, you can view the planned or already performed measurements and the number of measured samples. You can also further modify the parameters of the entire ticket.

If you want to schedule the measurement for your ticket (after consulting with a CF employee), go to the ''Board '' via the top bar in the reservation system. In the board, first, add the device with which you want to measure in the left bar. Once added, free measuring dates will appear in your calendar for given equipment. Once you have selected, clicking on a relevant day will open a new reservation window.


In the new reservation, first, specify the date and time of the measurement and change the type of reservation to ''Reservation FS''. After finding your ticker below, information about your ticket such as name and research group will be loaded into the reservation. Then select the instrument on which you want to measure, the number of samples, and the type of service (after consulting a CF employee). Save the completed reservation. Every property of the reservation can be changed later if needed.

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